Perpetual Incalescence

21. Eclectic. Sinfonian. Lover and Fighter. Growing into my destiny more each day.

The very courage and power to love is a revolution.

Your smile blows many others out the water. Nice physique, nice hip control. I wish feeling this way out loud wasn’t dust or diss for that matter.

Your feet just take me places. As much as you ask for a foot massage, you have no idea how much I really want to give you one. But, I already forsee the problem, the perpetual ramifications of “moving too fast” have preemptively knocked me out of that pool of candidates.

You really do give the kids life. Your hands are bigger than mine, which is a definite turn-on.

You’re almost everything a Morehouse student (or some bottom) would want. I’m a Panther this semester though. Turn up. Won’t even be around to see what I could be missing out on again. That’s cool. The memory of the day we held hands in the car and you fell asleep on my shoulder and all… cuddled up in the bed… you were happy, I wanted nothing but to keep that smile on your face. I guess I failed on that. But we did cuddle a little bit more after that…

Sounds nice, eh? Unfortunately that was the mating ritual for what would have been some great sex I’m sure. Now that experience is gone, for good, because I decided to take a chance to just see if there was an inch of being into me. Maybe there was, maybe not. I’ll take the latter, or maybe you’re just really good at hiding it. Wouldn’t put repressed emotion past anyone. That plan backfired.

This post is sporadic thoughts but I just wanted to say some things. No matter when in time we are, you caught my eye early in my life, and in the many years to come you’ll always catch it, even if I don’t get the chance to catch your essence, your heart, to see where we MIGHT go.

That’s that. I’m tired and mentally rambling. Sleep time. Au revoir.


Pitti Uomo 85 (2014).

Alfonso de Francesco & Gennaro Annunziata (Sartoria Chiaia).


(via suitupplease)

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